Our School - Values and Ethos

School is delaying opening until 10am. Please travel safely and dress appropriately.



Slip End Village School is a one form entry school based in the village of Slip End which provides an excellent education for children aged 3½ to 11 years old from Slip End and the surrounding Bedfordshire area.  From September 2015, Slip End Village School gained primary status, taking its first Year 5 intake; from September 2016 we also welcomed our first Year 6 pupils.Currently we have approximately 170 pupils on roll. 

Along with Caddington Village School, we form the 'Caddington and Slip End Area Alliance'. As federated schools, we are keenly supported by a joint GovernIng Body, with Sue Teague as the Executive Headteacher. We are very proud of the relationship we have formed and enjoy working closely together.


Vision, values and ethos

Our values and ethos are underpinned by the three key principles that form the vision for our school and were developed collaboratively.  They are:

  • Inspire everyone to reach their true potential
  • Learn and live by positive values
  • To be a school at the heart of the community

At Slip End, children can expect to learn in a safe, happy environment where through the school's bespoke 'SELF' initiative they can become independent and resilient learners through developing their self-awareness, self-esteem, self-control, self-motivation, self-sufficiency and self-reflection. 

Slip End also has embedded 'Values Education' which underpins much of what we do. Each month we focus as a whole school on a specific value; all of the values are covered on a two-yearly cycle and, along with 'SELF', form the basis for many of our assemblies.

Our values are: Respect, Responsibility, Peace, Appreciation, Commitment, Positivity, Co-operation, Caring, Politeness, Health, Independence, Truth, Harmony, Gratitude, Patience, Pride, Consideration, Sharing, Trust, Well-Being and Hope. 

Equality Objectives

  1. To promote cultural development and understanding through a rich range of experience, both in and beyond the school
  2. To close gaps in attainment and achievement between students and all groups of students; especially boys and girls, students eligible for free-school meals, students with special educational needs and disabilities, looked after children and students from different heritage groups.
  3. To eradicate prejudice related bullying in relation to the protected characteristics listed in the Equality Act 2010.
  4. To tackle prejudice and promote understanding in relation to people with disabilities.
  5. To challenge stereotypes and ensure resources and teaching strategies reflect and value the diversity of pupil’s experiences.
  6. To provide pupils with a comprehensive understanding of people and communities beyond their immediate experience.


What does Slip End Village School have to offer?

We offer a broad, balanced curriculum and good facilities including:

  • Small class sizes
  • Library
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Playing fields in a rural setting
  • Modern Foreign Languages taught from Year 2
  • Ukulele tuition for all Year 4 pupils
  • Recorder tuition for all Year 3 pupils
  • Philosophy for Children taught throughout the school
  • Breakfast club
  • Extra-curricular clubs and activities
  • School trips and excursions including an annual residential trip for Year 4 and Year 6 pupils
  • An excellent working relationship with Caddington Village School, enabling sharing of resources, expertise and support


What does our school look like?

Here are some photographs of our school building to give you a flavour of what our school looks like.




Pupils should read daily at home and practise their spellings, number bonds and times tables. Additional homework for English, Maths or Topic is also set on a weekly basis.

The Pupil Planners are a useful source of information to help pupils with their learning.  They contain a Reading Record where texts read at home can be recorded, mathematics pages, puzzle pages and more!

The Useful Websites page on this website contains links to websites that pupils may find useful to help them with their learning at home.

The School Day

Morning Nursery        -    8:50am – 11:50am                             Afternoon Nursery     -    12:25pm – 3:25pm                          

Reception                    -    8:50am – 3:25pm                                                                          (Lunch – 11:50am – 12:50pm)          

Year 1, 2 and 3            -    8:50am – 3:25pm                                                                         (Playtime - 10:00am – 10:15am)                                                 (Lunch – 12:00noon – 1:00pm)                      

Year 4, 5 and 6            -    8:50am – 3:25pm                                                                        (Playtime – 10:00am – 10:15am)                                                  (Lunch – 12:15noon – 1:15pm)


School Uniform (R-Year 6)

We have a school uniform and we expect children to wear the uniform at all times. Jewellery, watches, trainers, nail varnish, tattoos and ‘fashion’ hairstyles should not be worn. Pupils with long hair should wear their hair tied back for safety reasons.  We expect children to have the correct school equipment of a book bag, water bottle and PE bag. All items are available online using the schools communication system- Parentmail. You can also place orders by visiting the office.

Winter Uniform

  • Grey/black school trousers or grey/black skirt/pinafore dress
  • Red polo shirt with school logo
  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • Fleece or jacket (with school logo)
  • Girls - White socks or red or grey tights
  • Boys - Dark socks

Summer Uniform

  • Red striped/checked dresses
  • Red/gold polo shirts with school logo
  • Grey/black skirts or shorts
  • Fleece or jacket with school logo


  • Girls - White socks or red or grey tights
  • Boys - Dark socks
  • Flat black school shoes (No boots, plimsolls, trainers, fashion shoes, wheelies or colours allowed)


Boys & Girls

  • Plain black or navy shorts
  • Red PE shirt with school logo
  • Pair or plimsolls or trainers – but no black soles

Equipment List Required:  Book Bag, Home-School Book, Water Bottle, PE Bag