Oak Class - Year 2

Autumn Term 2018



Oak class have been enjoying Maths in Year 2!

We have been showing how well we work in teams to make our own 100 square.

Summer Term 2018

KS1 Sports Festival

Over recent months Year 5 have been learning how to become 'Sports Leaders' and the culmination of this learning was celebrated by them hosting a mini sports festival for KS1. The Year 5 children chose the activities, planned the equipment, scoring systems and rules. They set everything up and led the younger children around a selection of activity stations. The KS1 children thoroughly enjoyed their morning and listened attentively to their peers who guided them through each activity with leadership qualities that showed how much they have learnt. We look forward to watching them build upon this next year.

Well done and thank you Year 5! 


Whipsnade Zoo

Year 2 were blessed with gorgeous weather for our visit to Whipsnade Zoo.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip and used their map reading skills to help us visit practically every animal! Some highlights were; being treated to the bears playing in their pool, having lunch whilst the giraffes were close up eating their own lunch, having a talk about a lion's skull and butterflies landing on some of us! The children were commended on their behaviour by the zoo staff and that made everyone feel incredibly proud of them.


Royal WOW Day

To celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle we had a WOW day.

We all dressed in red, white and blue and had a great day.

We learnt all about the Royal Family and wrote about the upcoming wedding.

In the afternoon the whole school played traditional games on the field and toasted the couple

with a drink and a decorated cupcake.


The Great Fire of London

Oak class have been learning about the Great Fire of London in History, Art and Design Technology. 

In History we learnt all about how it started, how it spread and the effects it had upon London.

In Art we researched Tudor houses and made our own ones using a variety of materials.

In Design Technology we designed and made our own Fire Engines which would have been useful

at the time of the fire.

We celebrated all of our learning by having our very own 'Great Fire of Oak Class'.

It was spectacular and we thoroughly enjoyed watching our houses burn down.

It helped us understand how the people in London would have felt watching the fire burn

their houses down.




 Spring Term 2018


World Book Day

We really enjoyed dressing up on World Book Day and sharing our love of books.

We read lots of great stories and wrote about different characters from our favourite books.

Can you recognise who we all came as?


Science - Materials

In Science we have been learning about Materials, their names, their properties and how they can change.

We learnt how heating and cooling changes materials by making ice by freezing water and then melting the ice and investigating this.

We heated bread and made toast which was delicious!

We also explored how paper is made by creating our own pulp, squeezing the excess water out through a wire frame then leaving our 'recycled' paper to dry out for several days.

We are very proud of the paper we made!








This term we have been reading traditional stories from different cultures.

We have focused on Hansel and Gretel and have read various different versions.

We have acted the story out, created storyboard posters, written setting descriptions, written lists

for a gingerbread house and also written our own versions of the story.

We are quite a good bunch of actors.


Chinese Dance Workshop
We had a professional Dance teacher visit us to teach us some Chinese Dances.

She taught us the history of the traditional dances and we learnt a Parasol and Dragon Dance.

We all had great fun learning some new dances.


Autumn Term 2017



In Geography this term we have been learning all the continents and oceans.

We learnt something about a different country in each different continent.

When we were learning about South America we learnt about Brazil and we made some

Brazilian masks that might be worn to a carnival.


Science - WOW Day

We thoroughly enjoyed our WOW day. We experienced a visiting space dome and learnt all about

the planets. We continued this learning in class by making our own massive planets collection.

We had to work in teams to gather all the pieces for our planets and put them all together.

It was pretty tricky. In the afternoon we were inspired by space travel and made some rockets.

It was a brilliant day!


Art - Andy Goldsworthy

We have been learning about the Andy Goldsworthy and how he uses natural materials to

create his artwork. We went outside and created our own natural sculptures using the grass,

leaves, twigs and stones in our gorgeous environment. We were very proud of our creations.


History - Christopher Columbus

Oak class have been learning about Christopher Columbus and why we remember him.

We learnt about his amazing voyage and how his discovery of the Bahamas led to us having potatoes,

pineapples and turkeys today.

We did some role-play and acted out his tricky voyage.



Oak class have been enjoying Maths in Year 2!

We have been showing how well we work in teams to make our own 100 square.


We have also been learning our 2 times tables.