Welcome to Maple Class

Autumn Term 2017

Board Games

In our Design Technology lessons we were designing our own board games and had to write the rules so that other people could play them. Before we started we had the opportunity to play a variety of board games so that we could get some ideas for our own. 

Maths in Action

In our Maths lessons we have been doing lots of work about place value, addition, subtraction and fractions. We have also had lots of opportunities to use PE in Maths and play a variety of games and put our Maths skills to use under pressure. 

English  News Reports

In our English lessons we have been learning about news reports. We then had to work together in small groups to write our own news report and then rehearse it. Finally, we had to present the news to the rest of the class. 

Egyptian Masks

We had a lot of fun making our Egyptian masks to help us learn more about Ancient Egypt. It was trickier than we thought and we needed to work carefully but in the end it was worth it. 

Mosaic Tiles

We have been busy designing our own mosaic tiles which we had to make from clay. We planned designs based on our own lives. It was great using the clay but really difficult to make into a tile shape. Once we had done that we enjoyed finishing them off by adding paint.