Community News Articles

Each month, pupils and staff from Slip End write an article for the Slip End Parish News.  Click the link below to access the home page where you can find the articles and lots more information about Slip End. 

Slip End Parish News


The local Mimagazine has published various in-depth articles about events that have taken place at Slip End Village School.  These have included: July 2015 - Slip End Summer Fayre, November 2015 - Remembrance Service and July 2016 - Sports Day.  The photographs included with the reports are truly superb and capture the atmosphere of the events.  Thank you Mimagazine.  Click the link below to access the Mimagazine website.


Please note that all other letters are sent using the school Parentmail System. 

Our most recent newsletter, February 2019, can be viewed below.